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April 2024

January 2024

September 2023

  • Statistics: Added Attainment over Time page (27 September)
  • Attendance/Communications: Added ability to download messages for specific students
  • REST API: Added follow up actions and time of event to behaviour end point
  • REST API: Added maximum marks  to markbooks end point
  • REST API: Added "deleted from source" field to education

June 2023

  • Statistics: Added Curriculum Overview page
  • User interface: Added setting to feed settings page to allow display of legal/preferred names to students and parents
  • User interface: Removed ability to create and reply to existing support tickets on the GO 4 Schools site.

May 2023

April 2023

March 2023

  • User interface: GO 4 Schools system column sets added to year group explorers for both English and Welsh schools.
  • User interface: Moved legacy explorer data columns to year group explorers
  • User interface: Removed legacy year group explorers

February 2023

  • Statistics: Added 2022 Ebacc pillar estimates
  • User interface: Added link to external support site - for access instructions please see this article.
  • User interface: Added Roles and permissions, updated staff access page
  • User interface: Changed school default home page to year 11 at a glance
  • Behaviour: Added AM/PM session marks and last lesson information to allocated detention list
  • Attendance: Pinned left columns on attendance analysis page when scrolling through tables
  • Homework: Added summary homework count by year group to CSV download page

November 2022

  • Statistics and Tracking: Moved enhanced year group ribbons to Curriculum analysis page 
  • Statistics and Tracking: Added Year group at a glance page
  • Statistics and Tracking: Added Residual Progress Indicator

October 2022

  • User interface: Enabled SSO and settings

August 2022

  • Statistics and Tracking: Enhanced ribbons added to year group pages

July 2022

  • New module: Added online consent management
  • Statistics and Tracking: Prior attainment from average KS2 scaled scores attribute added
  • Statistics and Tracking: Scaled score transition matrices added to subject pages

June 2022

  • Statistics and Tracking: Added methodology for 2022 KPIs
  • Attendance: Added rooms to unauthorised absence list on lesson attendance status page
  • Attendance: Enabled scrolling to attendance analysis pages to view all weeks

May 2022

  • Attendance: Added unauthorised absence list to lesson attendance status page
  • Behaviour: New student behaviour explorer which allows custom views and filtering/sorting

February 2022

  • Attendance: CSV download for I codes and I code aliases

November 2021

  • Reports: New functionality allows upload and download of report attributes.
  • Reports: Sorting ability added to the report attribute marksheet assessments.
  • Attendance: New download available on the CSV page to display all session marks, and lesson marks by student/subject/date.

October 2021

  • Reports: Added report attribute marksheet to populate report attributes from markbooks.

July 2021

  • Markbooks: Added a new BTEC style marksheet, to convert raw marks to points
  • Reports: Moved grade settings for reports into report management to provide better control over report settings

June 2021

  • User interface: New-look menu and student page available

April 2021

  • Markbooks: Added functionality to display marks/percentage/grade on student page in detailed progress
  • Markbooks: Added functionality to allow private marksheets to contribute to current grade calculations
  • Markbooks: Added popouts to whole subject markbooks
  • Residual Schemes: In Residual schemes you can now set a specific name for use in Progress Reports and to display on the student page to simplify the display
  • Reports: The header column in Take home reports now has the option to change the name of the comments column
  • Statistics and Tracking: When disabling the Progress 8 the EBACC Pillars will also be now not be visible.

March 2021

  • Attendance: Added functionality to handle DfE attendance sub codes
  • Behaviour: Added detention escalations
  • Behaviour: Added functionality to flag detentions as not required to attend
  • Behaviour: Added "sex" attribute to behaviour csv downloads
  • Homework: Added bulk archive/deletion tools for tasks/resources
  • User interface: Updated preview to new student page for all school staff
  • Statistics and Tracking: Added table to full statistics page to show pass rates by key grade for internal grading schemes

February 2021

  • Attendance: Updated the persistent absentee tables to include students who are PA even where they have X codes for the week
  • Attendance: Focus groups table to include students who were on roll at any point during the year

January 2021

  • Explorers: Added flag to indicate where a teacher's minimum grade is being used in vocational markbooks
  • Behaviour: Added detention flags to attendance registers and markbooks