When your school starts a subscription to the GO 4 Schools system, we will need your email address to create a School Manager user account that can be used to log on to GO 4 Schools to download the installer for the Feed System.

1. Browse to www.go4schools.com and click the "Schools" icon in the top right-hand corner.

2. Enter your email address in the box under "First-time User?" and click "Please send me a password".

Only the email address provided to us during setup will have access to GO  4 Schools at this stage.


3. Check your emails to find the password to use for GO 4 Schools and then enter your email address and password in the "Email address" and "Password" boxes at the top of the page and click "Log in".

4. You should now see the home page for your school. Click the “Installers" link in the left-hand navigation area.

5. Click the "Start download" button for the "Feed System and Configuration Tool" and save the downloaded file to disk on your computer.

6. Change your password using the "My Settings" link in the menu.