Please follow this quick step guide if you are simply updating the feed system:

1. Uninstall the current feed system.

2. Download and install the new version from


3. Launch the feed system.

4. Confirm that the existing settings are picked up by clicking each tab.

5. Press 'Save Preferences' to update the G0 4 Schools tasks in 'Task Scheduler'.

6. If your school uses SIMS, you must update the SIMS report by clicking ‘Re-import report

definitions’ on the ‘MIS Settings’ tab.

We would strongly recommend that you run at least run one ‘Authentication System Feed’ and if you are a SIMs school additionally one ‘MIS Feed’ after updating the feed system. You can ask the GO 4 Schools support team to check if the feeds have come through. You can do this via the support ticket system (Help & technical support->Create a support ticket)